About us

“Our passion, your satisfaction”

Who are we?

Our Firm

BJ IMMIGRATION is a consulting firm providing services and guidance in the field of Canadian immigration.

Mission Statement

BJ IMMIGRATION exists to accompany its clients to their satisfaction in all their steps related to immigration and citizenship in Canada.


BJ IMMIGRATION aims to become a a reference company by the excellence of its services and the satisfaction of its customers and partners.

Our Values

Guided by the rules of ethics and professional conduct of the Regulatory Council of Immigration Consultants of Canada (RCICC), the following values constitute our compass in the delivery of our services to our clients and partners:

  • Confidentiality & Trust: our interactions with our clients and the appropriate steps with the relevant authorities are done in complete discretion “between the wall and the painting”. Documents and information are protected.
  • Speed, efficiency and effectiveness: On behalf of our clients, we take the right steps with the appropriate authorities in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Competence: We make sure we are at the cutting edge of government news regarding immigration programs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We value and strive for the satisfaction of all our customers.

Our Commitment


¬†“At your side to realize your dream of Canadian immigration”.

Our relationship with you, current and future customer, is a win-win situation.

Consequently, we are committed to informing, advising and accompanying you with your Canadian immigration procedures with rigor and professionalism as if it were our own.

Benjamin Joseph

Founder +1 514-814-7276

The consultant

Benjamin Joseph is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant duly authorized to practice as a professional in the field by the Regulatory Council of Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICC). 

Mr. Joseph’s academic training in psychosocial intervention makes him sensitive to individuals. He is characterized by his openness to others regardless of their origins, culture, ideology and vision of the world. His training in immigration law qualifies him to practice in this field.

Joseph is passionate about reading and continuous learning. He is pursuing studies in religious studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal. This training contributes to better furnish his mind and equip him in his understanding of individuals with respect to their spiritual beliefs and religious practices.  

Joseph has completed a 30-year career in the field of immigration in the Public Service of the Federal Government of Canada. He will be pleased to share his experience and understanding of the administrative workings of such organizations with his clients.

L' équipe BJ Immigration

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