Permanent Residence

  • Skilled Worker – Federal (Express Entry)
  • Skilled Worker – Quebec
  • Quebec Experience Program
  • Family Grouping / Sponsorship

When a foreigner applies to immigrate to Canada, that person is asking for a privilege. If the foreigner wants to live and make Canada his or her regular country of residence, he or she must seek permanent resident status. Permanent residence is a protected status that gives a foreigner an absolute right to enter and remain in Canada.  There are a number of programs to achieve this.


Skilled Worker - Federal (Express Entry)

Since 2015, a system called “Express Entry” has been implemented by the federal government to facilitate the processing of so-called “skilled worker” applications. A skilled worker is an immigration applicant who is believed to have the best chance of successfully integrating into the Canadian labour market.

Do you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada as a skilled worker? Please contact us through the link below and select the Express Entry tab.  


Skilled Worker - Quebec

Based on the same principle as the federal government, Quebec also has a program to select skilled workers who intend to settle on its territory. Quebec focuses on “human capital” in order to select people who have a good capacity to adapt to Quebec society.

In the Canadian immigration system, Quebec selects candidates and Canada grants visas and landing rights.

Please contact us if you want to access Permanent Residence in Canada AND you want to settle in Quebec by notifying us of your desire through the following link: “Contact us”.


Quebec Experience Program

Did you know that having lived in Quebec as a temporary resident can pave the way for you to be selected by the province for permanent residence in Canada?

Please contact us, it will be our pleasure to accompany you through the necessary steps. Please fill out the form via the link below.


Family Grouping / Sponsorship

It is possible for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor a family member under the family reunification program.  Family members in this class are: spouse, common-law partner, dependent child, parent or other family member as prescribed by regulation.  Sponsorship is also possible on humanitarian and compassionate grounds such as…

If you want to bring an eligible member of your family under the family reunification program, contact us via the following link and select the “Family Sponsorship” tab.


Canadian Experience Class

Temporary resident status in any province other than Quebec may qualify you for an application for permanent residence in Canada.

Please contact us if you would like to apply for permanent residence in Canada based on your Canadian experience by filling out the form via the link below.